Monday, December 31, 2012



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Por el momento para mi el 2012 me ha traído satisfactoriamente a nuevas experiencias y unas maravillosas vacaciones, pero además en él pude terminar mi bachillerato y crecer como persona. Ahora mismo solo puedo observar al 2013 como un año de nuevas experiencias, decisiones y madurez. En él conoceré mi camino universitario y tanto yo como mi pareja deberemos tomar grandes decisiones. Pero siempre juntos. 
Espero que al igual que yo, vosotros veáis a este nuevo año con una visión objetiva y positiva; esperando buenos progresos. Desde aquí, os deseo lo mejor, que tengáis un gran año, y gracias por todo el apoya que he recibido durante estos meses.

Besos y abrazos. - Nuria

For now, 2012 has been a really nice year where I had new experiences and amazing holiday, but also in 2012 I could finish my Baccalaureate as well as grow as a mature person. Right now I just can look the next 2013 as a wonderful year full of new experiences, decisions and maturity. Inside it I will now my way and as me and my boyfriend we will need to make some really important decisions for our future. Together as always. 
I hope that like it is for me, you to see this new year with an objective and positive point of view; hoping for good progress. From her, I wish you have a very happy new year, and say thanks for all the support that I recieved these months.

xoxo - Nuria


  1. "An objective and positive point of view"- I couldn't agree more and feel like it's the best way to approach life and specifically a happy life. Cheers to you Nuria! :)

    1. Thanks Aubrey. I really think that it's the best way as well, and that's what I am trying to do. Have a fantastic year! :D