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A mi siempre me ha gustado darle un nuevo uso a las cosas que como los botes de cristal, después de acabar su contenido, puedes hacer un nuevo uso de él. Yo en este caso, utilizando un rotulador de cerámica (que francamente hubiera sido mejor comprarlo como pintura en vez de en rotulador) decidí crear una sencilla decoración para estos botes de cristal. El primer bote lo utilizo para guardar objetos pequeños que no quiero que se me pierdan; el bote decorado con triángulos lo utilizo para limpiar mis pinceles cuando utilizo mis acuarelas; el bote de la tapadera verde lo utilizo para guardar algunos algodones que me quedaban y el pequeño, lo utilizo para guardar las horquillas del pelo.

Como veis, esto bien muy bien, y además contaminas menos y les das una nueva utilidad. Por el momento iré pensando en como decorarlos de una forma más creativa. Espero que les haya gustado la idea. 

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I like give a new use to objects that maybe you'll throw it away like the glass jars. After use what was inside them you can always use the jars to save your little thins. In my case, I used a porcelanian painter pen (I would prefer buy the painting than use this pen because it's a bit bad) and I decided create a simple and nice pattern in each jar. The first jar contains little things which I wouldn't like to lose, and is decorated with the name of the blog; the jar with a triangle pattern is which I use to clean my brushes when I am painitng with my water colours; the jar wiht green cover is which i use to save some cotton wool; and the little one is which i use to save my hairpins.

Like you can see, that is really nice and useful and also you are contribute less to the contamination (i think) and gives a new utility to something. For now I will think in some other ways to decorate these jars in a more creative way. I hope you like this idea.


  1. Glue fabric or paper to the caps to finish them off.I use glass jars for everything. Even for gift giving , make a small gift or layered cookie recipe in them , people always like them.

    1. Yes I agree, I will try to use some more materials for my next decorative jars. Also I use it to save rice and things like that but I never though abour give them like little gifts (good idea). Thanks for came and leave your coment Joanne.

  2. I love reusing jars! Like Joanne said, I'll decoupage the lids with paper or fabric. I have a tutorial on that. There are so many things to do with jars, which is why I have three shelves of empty clean jars to upcycle. :)

    1. Haha, I haven't got so much space and I have to save them on my wardrobe and my boyfriend is always complaining because I have so many jars. It's just like I bought this porcelanian pencil painter I tried to use it but I know that I will try with other materials like I said to Joanne.