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All this time I have been staving off write in my blog because somehow I have been losing the inspiration to do so and also finding it difficult to do. It was making me sad at the same time but I didn't have the energy to do anything about it, or just the act of sharing it here, and I have been doing lots of things so far. I also have a couple of non-finish entries that I wonder when I am going to finish them yet. Causes of this I think it has been because of my currently jobs and lifestyle, where I am all the time thinking, doing something creative or writing and when I get home I just fancy relax while watching a series episode/eating/sleeping. 

Comparing these last two years, everything has change a lot. Even though I have been decreasing my activity I became more conscious about my writing, my words and what I want from now on: a more deep connection between me and my words. Writing in two languagues is becoming me lazy and takes the double of time. So I would go further and do not write anymore in Spanish (for now). It's kind of crazy but I fancy more writing in English than in my native language. I guess it's because of the enviroment around me and I am so used to it now that I feel it comfortable. I am really sorry for my Spanish readers and I hope you understand.

So, updating what's going on in my little room/mind/break time, I have been visiting the library looking for some Ayurveda related books to get a more completed knowledge of this Indian antique medical practice which is amazing to understand and learn about. Also some books about growing your own plants and natural homemade products. There are so many things to try! I am really excited about it. 

Like it's Christmas I think that my challenge for this new year is enjoying life and changing from the old world to the new one, with successful. Life is organic and it changes all the time, so it's kind of stupid make lists or plans that you will never know if happens, so lets first focus on the present, leave the future for dream and the past to remember.

Cheers everybody, have a great Christmas.

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