Thursday, January 23, 2014



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Life is organic, unpredictable and beautiful.

I am passing through some changes in my life that i think could do good to me somehow. Being nearly independent involves lots of changes that have been proving my healthy physical and mental resistance in some ways. Something that used to happen to me very often was the difficulty to sleep in the night because of my obsession to work. I am hard worker, I always worry about if I am doing good enough or if I made any mistake that could dismiss me soon. It's totally stupid! But even if I always tried to convince myself that I was doing ok, that I didn't have anything to worry about, it was still happening. So every night was horrible for me to get to sleep. 

But I am not talking about be all night awake, it's about have those real dreams of being still at work that makes me walk in my room, talk and do gestures with my body. Everything involuntary but real, and I remember everything next morning, feeling tired all day.

I tried to use natural pills of Melatonin to help me get to sleep and also some Camomile tea. But it still didn't work as good as I needed and wanted to. By that time, I was working in a very elegant restaurant and everything had rules to follow to offer the customer the best service possible. I was confortable working with the people but the problem was that I was giving too much importance to the job and it gave me a lot of metal pressure that I wasn't used to.

Just when I came to Edinburgh and I found two new jobs everything changed. One of those jobs show me an alternative and awaking path to follow to the New World where the system of (born, grow, study, work and die) wasn't what I wanted from life. My priorities changed through the time and I started really appreciating life and enjoying it as much as I could. 

By taking things with calm and being positive I started feeling good progress in my rest in the night. I was feeling better and was learning constantly how to continue with this practice to continue resolving my problems.

Sometimes I still struggle with sleep, but not as much as I did before. Now I feel changed but I also decided what really matters in life. I don't want to live to be working hard all my life to get some money, I want to enjoy life working in something I like to do and then get some money. Trying to keep positive because that's something very important that can make you healthier and happier than yesterday.

So take a quiet time to think and get your priorities in place because we only have one life to appreciate. Money is just something that can dissapear quick, but now days we can all get a disease or something and die soon, so it's better to enjoy every moment, to awake for the new world that it's coming.

Have a very positive and mindful week.

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